Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frugal finds

One of the pleasures I've learned during this time of diminished economy is that of the Frugal Find. I've learned to scout second hand stores for clothing, housewares and anything else I'm looking for. My favorite thrift store in San Francisco has become Community Thrift, originally founded to support those groups who provided support to those with AIDS, at a time when the various government support programs did not. Today Community Thrift distributes it's proceeds to any of over two hundred service organizations in San Francisco.

Some months ago I was in the market for a cat tree for the resident cats, Marcellus and Phoebe. These things, for what they are, essentially carpet stapled to scrap wood, are incredibly expensive. Community Thrift has a fifty percent off sale on the first Monday of each month, and I happened in one first Monday, to see what was in stock. Imagine my glee when I found a cat tree whose price tag read $6.50. With that days' fifty percent sale, that cat tree was $3.25, ordinarily priced at close to $100.
The beauty of this is that not only did I come out ahead, but a portion of what I paid was redistributed to organizations providing help to those in need. Fewer new goods need to be produced, one less carpet and scrap wood piece ends up in the land fill. Good deal all the way around.

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