Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spend No Money Days

every so often, either for "fun" or out of necessity I declare a day to be one in which I will spend no money. It's a good way to remind myself of what I have, instead of what I don't, and to use the resources that are out there.
So tomorrow I will:
  1. make my own coffee and carry it with me;
  2. make lunch and carry my food with me, including tap water in the SS bottle;
  3. I'll read the newspaper at the public library downtown, after work, before I head over to feed a friends cat;
  4. I'll make tomorrows' dinner from what I have on hand between the freezer and my never ending pantry.
The downside to this, is that when I do buy coffee and the daily newspaper, it's from Fayes, the shop up the street that doubles as a video store and coffee bar, I buy my fruits and vegetables from the produce markets that abound in the neighborhood, and on these "spend no money days" I miss out on that opportunity to support and spend my money micro-locally. While it's true that many are watching their spendinng, what would happen to our local, neighborhood businesses if we all declared a SNM day all at once? Not good.

I've come to think of this as part of living frugally; spending my money at local merchants, and buying food grown as locally as possible. In San Francisco, indeed here in the Mission, that's not hard to do. The trick is to balance this somehow between watching my pennies and at the same time supporting local merchants whose money stays in the community.

I'd like to hope that as this economy continues it's downward spiral, we develop and ethos of supporting our local economies.

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  1. I like this! I think everyone should have a "spend no money day", if not once a week, then at least once a month.