Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh food, how I've missed you!

This weekend I've been under house arrest, having undergone a radioactive iodine treatment for papillary thyroid cancer. During the three days following this treatment, it is important that I limit my interactions with others in order not to subject them to any radiation that may be emitted from my body. Hence, the "House Arrest".

In preparation for this treatment, I've been on a low iodine diet for the last three weeks, in order to starve any thyroid cells that remained after thryoidectomy, of iodine. Once I'd swallowed this radioactive iodine, the theory goes, the remaining thyroid cells would flock to the iodine, only to be killed by the radiation.

For three weeks, I've not consumed any dairy, fish, commercially produced bread or baked goods, and a slew of other things that might contain iodine. This experience brought home to me how much I rely on these very foods in my diet. Over these weeks, I ate more fruits and vegetables and was challenged to eat new foods. I ate more avocado, salt free peanut butter, more salad, fresh tomatoes, roasted chicken. Not a bad thing.

But Oh! Joy! I've just finished a lovely tuna fish sandwich made with lots of red onion, parsley, capers, mayonnaise, on a lovely french roll from the Vietnamese bakery in my neighborhood. Life is good. What to make for dinner?

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  1. Your tuna sandwich sounded marvellous. I love capers in tuna-wiches! I'm glad you're able to eat freely again, and I hope the house arrest passes quickly. I won't make any glow-in-the-dark jokes. :)